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coming soon... in 2008
Kill Yourself - Faces of Suicide  CD + Picture Disc (limited)      Aarcon - Hymn of Mayhem   Picture Disc (limited of 666)
Berzano - Hell on Earth CD

CD out !!!

Berzano - InfernoInferno:

Berzano - DarknessDarkness: (RealPlay)

Berzano - InfernoCountess: (Video-Movie) RealPlay

available only
in Germany:

Kill Yourself - Jesus wept Kill Yourself  7"EP

Kill Yourself - Hell on EarthHell on Earth:

Kill Yourself - Zombie MassacreZombie Massacre:

Demo available!!! Aarcon - Aarcon-Pernicies-Satanas

Aarcon - Burning the ChurchBurning the Church: (RealPlay)

Aarcon - Hymn of MayhemHymn of Mayhem: (RealPlay)